Ideal Podcast Vol. 30 – Joran Van Pol by Ideal Audio

Ideal Podcast Vol. 30 – Joran Van Pol by Ideal Audio

Imagine the two heavyweights of electronic music both wanting to sign your debut EP, when you’re only 22 years old. Yes, this dream came true for Joran van Pol when he found out Richie Hawtin as well as Dubfire were equally impressed by his music – and so are we!

Surely all this praise and attention for Joran van Pol is not without reason. Extraordinary talent when it comes to DJing, astonishing production skills and perhaps most importantly, his positive attitude are all things Joran has got going for him.

What’s more to say?! Check out Ideal Podcast Vol. 30 by Joran van Pol!


01. Joran van Pol – Shattered / Shades
02. Gaiser – Slapback (Original Mix) – Minus
03. Arjun Vagale – Helter (Original Mix) – Tronic
04. Sinisa Tamamovic – Orgasm (Original Mix) – Shinichi
05. Fer BR – Go Back (Original Mix) – Mindshake Records
06. Compact Grey – Bane (Ron Costa Remix) – Gris Musique
07. Dema – Framing (Original Mix) – SCI+TEC
08. Joran van Pol – Contraction (Original Mix) – Ideal Audio
09. Joran van Pol – Indifferent
10. Marcel Dettmann – Translation Two (Joran van Pol Remix) – Ostgut Ton
11. Egbert – Straktrekken (Original Mix) – Gem Records
12. Mattew Jay – Boreal Dust (Original Mix) – SCI+TEC
13. [Occam] – Doppler Shift (Schubert Live Edit) – Black Swan Recordings
14. Whyt Noyz – Khong (Original Mix)
15. Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire – Aire (Original Mix) – Ideal Audio


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