Stereo For Two – Strandbar (Original Mix) [Conya Records] by Stereo For Two

Stereo For Two – Strandbar (Original Mix) [Conya Records] by Stereo For Two

Label : Conya Records
Genre: Deep House / Nu Disco
Release Date: Apr 29 2014

Beatport Press :

“Clubstar, in collaboration with Conya Records, proudly presents
the first edition of the new “Deep Nation” compilation series.
Clubstar has been waving the quality underground house music flag since more than 15 years already. For a long time only real music lovers were familiar with the genre deep house, but nowadays the world seems to be so enlightened, that deep house became a mass phenomenon. Alright, a certain continent just discovered electronic dance music a short while ago, but we can only welcome, that the trend moves from loveless noise in a floor-to-the-floor beat, towards deep, honest house music. Deep house is used commercials, deep house gets airplay from the radio stations, pop music artists get deep house remixes of their songs and DJs who used to play overground stuff, were suddenly born in Atlantis. Consequently there is no more time to waste and hereby we deliver a masterpiece of deepness.

Each time the „Deep Nation” series is keeping the focus on a certain country and its deep house producers. The first destination is Belgium, which was one of the most influencing countries for electronic music in the past. From new beat,
electronic body music right up to house and techno, on the DJ and producer level, as well as in the nightlife.

„Deep Nation” presents on 2 cds the the creme de la crème of Belgian deep house producers. Belgian producer Pat Lezizmo, who is a regular on Conya Records, the deep house sublabel of Clubstar, came up with the idea for this compilation.
Conya and Clubstar Records A&R Henri Kohn was excited about this idea and gave birth to the project. Requirement for the project was that the artists produce an exclusive track for the compilation.

CD1 was compiled and mixed by Henri Kohn and features tracks by Bart Ricardo & Kenyon, Maxim Lany, Avenue6, Leach & Lezizmo, Rawdio and many others. Also the Belgian pioneer Buscemi is on board.

CD2 was compiled and mixed by Pat Lezizmo and contains tracks by Beazar, daniel.fx, Furniture Crew, Stereo For Two and many others. On this disc the Belgian veteran Sven van Hees proving, with his exclusive track, that he has still tons of skills in the here and now.

Feel the Spirit of the real Deep House Sound. Belgium is certainly in da House!”

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